Pualani, The Genealogist

Encountering A Butterfly Effect…

It was not too long ago one morning that I encountered two small lavender butterflies dancing. Well, some would call it flittering but to me they were dancing. I stopped short of getting into my car as I was in awe watching these delicate creatures twirling around as if beckoning me to join them. I remember standing there watching them as they spunned around thinking to myself, I do not remember ever seeing lavender butterflies. I have seen white ones, yellow ones but never lavender ones. Reflecting back, I remember the joy I felt and how blessed I was to experience two small lavender butterflies dancing.

They say that butterflies are a symbol of hope. I believe this to be true because during my encounter that busy hectic morning I had a feeling of peace come over me and a reassurance all was well. Hope brings peace to the heart and assurance to the soul, this is what butterflies do. They are here to remind you and me that Hope lives –  a Butterfly Effect.

Hence, the Tree of Life surrounded by Butterflies is a representation of Pualani, the Genealogist offering hope to those in search of their ancestors.